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In the modern world of mobility with services on-demand a must-have for today’s consumers, mobile banking is not just a nice to have, but a mandate for community financial institutions to effectively compete. These institutions can’t have hundreds of branches, but for smartphone carrying members, there is a branch in every pocket – putting traditional in-branch banking capability at consumers’ fingertips 24/7. A recent study sponsored by Fico found that nearly 8 out of every 10 consumers want “more banking interactions via mobile."

Yet, community banks lag in mobile apps, and less than half have entries in App Stores.

Unwired has the technology to change that statistic and enable community financial institutions to quickly and easily deliver custom-branded mobile banking applications consumers demand without the cost and complexity of current solutions. The Unwired banking application can be deployed in a matter of weeks, rather than the multi-month time frame traditionally involved with a mobile app rollout.

The patented, full-featured, secure and future-ready technology combined with a solid management team and support of leading industry partners make Unwired a solid choice for your custom-branded mobile banking application..

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