Partnerships help to strengthen the Unwired solution and propel next-generation mobile applications forward for community financial institutions. Together in this extremely mobile era, we extend the possibilities of meeting or exceeding both community financial institutions objectives and consumer expectations.

Subchapter S Bank Association

>> The only association specifically created to help financial institutions maximize the benefits of their S Corporation election, Subchapter S Bank Association helps to enable S corporation banks, the majority of which are community banks, to significantly improve their ability to access vital sources of capital already available to other types of financial institutions. Given the significant limitations S corporation banks face in raising capital, continued challenges associated with the economy and increasing regulation, our members benefit from increased opportunities to raise capital and ensure the health and future success of their organizations.

Allied Payment Network

>> Developing, marketing and administering online payment systems for financial institutions, Allied Payment Network, is breaking the model and delivering innovative solutions that don’t break the bank. Allied’s goal is to not only deliver a simple bill pay service, but to enhance the institutions’ relationships with their customers in a cost-friendly way.

Blueprint Solutions

>> An established leader in the industry, Bluepoint Solutions focuses on providing payment and content management software solutions to community banks and credit unions. One of the few providers that can deliver a viable end-to-end check capture and items processing solution and with more than 1,400 community financial institutions using our technology today,  we continue to set new standards and provide new opportunities for our customers.