Our App Factory
can jumpstart your mobile plans

Your SaaS customers want native apps under their brand

Let's get real. If you have hundreds of customers wanting apps in app stores, your biggest problem is scaling.

The Unwired App Factory is a collection of technologies and services that enable automated app builds and app store provisioning while keeping data integrity intact for our partners. Easily deliver the information required to Unwired, and we will do the rest.

If you have an SaaS application that your customers offer to their users under their brand, it's time to generate more revenue and provide customized, branded apps in app stores now. Contact us today to get started.

Transition from web to native apps without native development

Let's Leverage the Unwired App Engine to empower your web applications with native features, cross-platform, without doing any native development.
Our patented platform represents the next generation of hybrid/cloud app technology. We take away the complexity of native app creation, deployment and ongoing maintenance leaving you to focus on features your customers demand in a native mobile form factor.
Use our market-proven cross-platform App Engine to make mobile apps easy while you:
  • maximize existing investments by using your current web applications and developers
  • utilize your current applications' existing security, compliance, and analytics
  • shortcut time to market
  • monetize mobile apps today

Maintained, Managed, and Enhanced as a Service -- Forever

Our platform as a service solution allows you to leverage your existing web applications and generate additional revenue streams.
Let's We've already deployed and currently manage over 200 mobile banking applications leveraging the Unwired App Factory. We can enable your SaaS company to focus on your apps and web-centric methods while we focus on the fragmented world of native phone operating systems and app stores.
  • We manage the apps
  • We manage the app stores
  • We manage OS and app store compliance
  • We manage the provisioning and update process
  • You manage your business

Take Engagement to the Next Level

Let's Use our cross-platform push notifications & messaging web service to get a non-metered way to interact with mobile users:
  • push business process
  • push transactions
  • push activity
It’s time to evolve… Interactive Business Process Messaging (IBPM) is the future for mobile business applications. Unwired Messenger unifies and abstracts the in-app messaging process for the highly fragmented mobile app marketplace. You can use our unified API to send users push notifications with interactive messages and not worry about device type or platform OS.